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the major "are younique?" competition is launched to become the new face of Police

April 2009 - The major competition organised by POLICE, the historic house brand of the De Rigo Group, will officially get underway from mid-May in order to select the new face of the Be YOUnique 2010 advertising campaign. The idea began with the great popularity of the unusual 2009 international communication strategy, and Police's growing success as a global lifestyle brand. The competition will be aimed at all young people, male and female, who express the same plucky style and individuality as the Police image.

In order to participate, simply register on the website and send us a portrait of yourself, stating what makes you unique enough to win. Every two weeks, users of the site will vote to select ten people, until a total of sixty finalists have been chosen from the most interesting faces in the site's photo gallery. The final casting session, which will be conducted by POLICE and the creative agency, will be carried out in September 2009; the winner will then automatically take part in the shoot for the new Be YOUnique 2010 campaign images, which will take place in the Autumn.

In order to communicate and promote the initiative, in addition to an on-line campaign on MySpace which will last for the entire duration of the selection process, viral advertising will be carried out on websites strongly associated with young fashion. All the visual images dedicated to the project will be strictly in line with the current campaign and the Be YOUnique concept.

Another prize will be a holiday for the person who has invited the most friends to sign up for the competition.
The major Are YOUnique competition represents an important step in the creation of a global POLICE community that is more united, with more brand loyalty, than ever before.

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