Police’s 2009 communication strategy turns its focus onto every-day people

Police’s 2009 communication strategy turns its focus onto every-day people

De Rigo Vision has announced a turning point in the communication strategy adopted by the POLICE house brand. Following a prolonged campaign centring on international cinema and sports stars, the fashion house has decided to abandon this consolidated strategy and to focus on the pluck and uniqueness of young, real-life people.

POLICE has recently launched its new watch, jewellery, leatherwear, clothing and perfume lines, alongside its sunglasses collections for men and women. Furthermore, in 2009 it is to introduce its new KIDS line of sunglasses. It is safe to say, therefore, that this is an all-round lifestyle brand. Now, having enjoyed continuous growth on the Italian market and considerable success on leading European markets, POLICE has decided to trust to the taste and personality of its most loyal customers, and to rely on their ability to stand out as fashion lovers, and not as fashion victims, through their personal and unique lifestyles.

So it's goodbye to iconic figures such as Bruce Willis, George Clooney, David Beckham and Antonio Banderas, who, over the past decade, have contributed so significantly to developing the POLICE success and image. It's also farewell to stereotypes, and conformity with other eyewear brands. POLICE has decided to take a road less travelled, based on the idea of 'cool hunting', i.e. identifying "street" personalities rendered 'younique' by their striking qualities, passions and occupations, and by an extremely original sense of style.

The new Police campaign, accompanied by the claim BE YOUNIQUE, was developed by the 1861 United agency in Milan, and was shot on the streets of New York by the portraitist Pierpaolo Ferrari, under the supervision of the creative director Roberto Battaglia. The campaign transforms young, every day men and women from across the globe into spokespeople and trendsetters, playing on their unique professions - a shark dentist, an elephant-sitter, a shampoo tester - to create stolen, real-life, urban shots, with a distinctive touch of style afforded by the seductive and distinctive use of POLICE eyewear and other accessories.

The new Police campaign is to be adopted worldwide, creating a consistent communication strategy for the brand's new sun and prescription eyewear collections for adults and children, as well as for all its licensed products. The campaign with involve newspapers, billboards and the Internet, and will be supported by marketing and sales aids such as posters, shopping bags, highly striking show cases and banners. At the same time, special "street" events inspired by the campaign are envisaged, as well as guerrilla marketing activities in all leading European cities. These, which will play on the 'BE YOUNIQUE' claim, will be targeted at strategically "young" venues such as universities. Finally, the POLICE website is also to play an essential role, interacting with all the other campaign activities so as to develop an increasingly rich and unique POLICE community.

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