Process, product and passion. And for any problems? Get in touch with Aldo Costantin

Aldo Costantin is one of those people who are big enough to fill a room. And we’re not talking about his physical size. He’s tall, but nothing unusual. Having discarded any Gulliver-related theories, the factor that makes him a giant of a man - some would call it leadership, others empathy - is his ability to find solutions. His approach is centred on prioritising the problems to be solved. And having decided what's urgent, he takes action. A method that's as simple as it is effective.

Aldo is the Technical and Production Director at De Rigo. He takes care of production, industrialization and product quality. While respecting planning in terms of quantity and set delivery dates, his task is to ensure that goods arrive at the warehouse on time, with the required characteristics and within the expected costs. Not what you would call child’s play if you think that industrialization means the entire part of the process, ranging from definition and approval of the prototype by the product department right up until the first production batch. Essentially a factory within the factory. There are a thousand models to develop a year which, multiplied by 4 or 5 colours, become 4 or 5 thousand new product variants to get to the warehouse within the expected time scale.

Aldo has been at De Rigo for fifteen years. A long time that has flown by rapidly. Just as the gestation period from design to production of certified pre-series also flies by.  Between twelve to fifteen weeks. It’s in these conditions that Aldo’s problem-solving has to be absolutely spot-on.  Just one small error in the design or process can make recovering lost time a huge challenge. “This is perhaps the most difficult part. A mix of changing products. A mix of different materials. Within all this you have to fit the whole design and process management operation”.



But Aldo isn’t just all about processes and products. It's people who make the difference, and Aldo is well aware of this. For this reason he listens and discusses. For this reason he engages and persuades.

People and machines. Machines and people. An industrialization process in which the skills of the designer and the mechanic, as well as the individual experiences that they share, are more important than the means. It’s precisely here that the concept of industrial manufacturing with human connotations lies.

Meanwhile Aldo is constantly thinking as he walks between the production facilities at De Rigo. And as he thinks he constantly questions his own work.  Looking ahead, smiling at the great things achieved, reflecting with enthusiasm about those that can still be reached together, because this is the real secret of a tireless visionary.



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