Catching his eye is no easy task. Not because he is elusive; if anything, it’s because of the awe he inspires upon first meeting him. His features are prominent, strengthening an apparent look of hardness. But on exchanging a few words with him, it becomes instantly clear that his soul is anything but hard. 




Jack Iacovou's work is his life passion, something only a determined person can claim to; and yet, the emotions evoked by what he does constantly nurture his human side.

Being the Managing Director of the Greek branch of De Rigo has always been and continues to be Jack's personal mission. Behind this role lie more than thirty years of work, dedication and the wish to do things well. It is not a matter of fussiness, but of paying attention to the smallest details - something that requires the utmost enthusiasm for one’s work.





Jack has always worked in the eyewear industry, first with his family and then as a De Rigo partner. Today, the Greek office avails of seventeen collaborators, to each and every one of whom Jack conveys his unswerving energy. His passion infects all the people with whom he collaborates, triggering an extraordinary virtuous process.







And if you were to have any lingering qualms about Jack, all you need to do is hear him speak of his work. His intensely vibrant tone of voice reveals the love that underpins a profession that, while challenging, can also be extremely exciting - that is, if you give it your all.

Even his handshake leaves no room for doubt. For Jack, values such as human relationships and a sense of mutual trust and esteem are of the essence. Because words have a specific weight, and every handshake is an agreement worth more than any signature.

Jack is all this, and more.

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