Even before communicating with words, Anna Zandanel speaks with her gaze. Her eyes are big, intense, and above all, capable of giving joy. That's right, because Anna has the gaze of a positive, generous person.




Being a training manager at De Rigo certainly means being fully familiar with the products; but it also means being able to empathise with others. Technical expertise and human sensitivity are the two traits that characterise Anna's work; a job she hunted out and loves, and where she never ceases to learn and keep up-to-date. Perhaps this is precisely the essence of a passion turned into a profession.






Inquisitiveness, attention and precision form the counterpoint of Anna's creativity, imagination and flair. It is through this alchemy that she expresses her personality and her way of working. The classroom is where Anna shares technical notions, but also stories capable of endowing every eyewear style with an identity of its own. And when Anna involves people in tests and exercises, the engagement is absolute.






Her paraverbal and non-verbal language provide impetus to her words. Her timbre and rhythm give her lessons a musicality, while her gestures reinforce the key elements of a presentation that goes well beyond projected slides.

This is Anna's innate strength: the fact of possessing a well-assorted blend of emotions capable of capturing the attention of her listeners. Authenticity is her main trait. Anna is Anna. That is what makes her credible in her way of working and in her way of being.

To understand what lies behind an eyewear style, you need a person capable of grasping the uniqueness of these products. Anna manages to do just that. She identifies the soul of every style and shares it with the people who will become the ambassadors of this extraordinary product. And now, it's time for silence. Anna has entered the classroom. The curtain has risen, and a new story is about to be told.

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