This is one of those stories where distances are cancelled out, emotions escalate and creativity takes on shape and substance. There are two main characters, an entire class that gets involved, a teacher who does a good job of coordination and a headmaster who knows how to direct. And naturally there is De Rigo, an anniversary to celebrate and the desire to look out, to look at the young people still sitting at their desks. Some one of them – who knows – may soon be working at a company that is turning 40 years old. But let’s take things one at a time, in order.


It is October of last year. The city is that unique city of Venice. The location is Palazzo Franchetti, near Ponte dell’Accademia and with a view of the Grand Canal. Lastly, it is the third floor, the home of the design institute IED Istituto Europeo di Design. The story starts precisely there. A brief has been sent to the second year class of graphics and the students get down to work, right away, divided up into groups that are (maybe) put together according to affinity, and one of them is a duo of two girls. One’s name is Alice Ferrazzo, who arrived from the Venetian mainland, the culturally thriving San Donà di Piave, and the other, Sara Mattiuzzi, who instead arrived from Sernaglia della Battaglia, a picture postcard town in front of Montello with two rivers, the Piave and the Soligo, which symbolically outline its borders. Alice and Sara live about 60 km from each other, but have never before been so close. That is not only because they find themselves studying at the same school, but because they, by putting their creative thoughts together, have created the winning logo in a competition where – if it had been possible – all participants could have been rewarded in light of their creations. 



(Sara Mattiuzzi and Alice Ferrazzo)

Sara Mattiuzzi e Alice Ferrazzo


To say that Alice and Sara, after having received the news that their creation will accompany De Rigo’s corporate communication throughout 2018, are excited is to put it mildly. It is excitement that perhaps they even want to restrain, but that is fortunately unleashed.

The job wasn’t easy. Summing up 40 years of a company’s history in a logo also seems to a feat in itself. There is the need to convey the past while retaining a sense of modernity, and it is all balanced in what represents the institutionality of a corporate brand. But Alice and Sara did it. And so, a number becomes the profile of a face. And here it is. The action performed when putting on eyewear, the action completed when the lenses are set on the nose, is recreated. 





(From left: Efrem Zanti, IED Venice Director; Davide Giulio Aquini, Coordinator of PTP Graphic Design Course; Alice Ferrazzo and Sara Mattiuzzi, Contest Winners; Barbara De Rigo, De Rigo Marketing Director House Brands)


Alice and Sara talk about their love for graphics before they are officially declared the winners. They talk about their desires once they have completed their studies. And as they are getting ready to enter the classroom where they normally have class, but that today will be the stage where they will receive the applause of all their classmates, an intense light illuminates Venice. It is that of the sun. It is that light radiated by Alice and Sara. Girls who shine in their own light.

Good luck for your future, that it may be an extraordinary journey you will tell us about in full one day, perhaps through the use of graphics.

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