Lozza, historical house-brand of De Rigo Group, started a collaboration with the exceptionalì Alejandro Pereyra.

Lozza, historical house-brand of De Rigo Group, has always been strongly connected to the art world. Now, it started a collaboration with Alejandro Pereyra, Argentinian of birth and Italian by adoption, for the creation of an artwork representative of the history of the brand. 

So, “Man with Zilo” was born. A painting created through the papier collé technique, a collage of fragments of different materials. To represent the true soul of the iconic Zilo model, the artist used the clippings of historical campaigns and eyewear pieces. This produced a unique and personal effect. 

The artwork portrays the face of a man wearing the legendary Zilo model. These sunglasses were produced for the first time in the 1940s and later they obtained large popularity, becoming a true icon of style. In the 1960s they won the Oscar for fashion.

Since its origin Lozza distinguish itself for the beauty of its sunglasses and the attention to details, these are the characteristics that combine the brand with Pereyra artwork. Till this day, Lozza is a symbol of made in Italy design of the vintage but always innovative aesthetics.

Barbara De Rigo, Chief Marketing Officer, in an exclusive interview talks about the birth of this wonderful project and the history which bonds Lozza, and the iconic Zilo model, with the world of art