Da oltre 140 anni l’house brand del Gruppo De Rigo guarda il mondo con gli occhi della creatività, della qualità e di un savoir faire esclusivo

Lozza, the longest-standing Italian eyewear brand owned by the De Rigo Group, is added to the special register of historic Italian brands.

Founded in 1878, Lozza has made eyewear history in Italy and throughout the world, and continues to this day to narrate quality and creativity through its collections. From the pince-nez of the Late-Nineteenth Century to the lorgnettes worn at the theatre, from the butterfly glasses of the Fifties to the regulation ‘Zilos’ of the Seventies and Eighties, from the futuristic styles of the close of the century to those of vintage inspiration today, Lozza is characterised by its eyewear offering, which is inspired by tradition yet always contemporary and innovative.

A visionary and far-sighted brand. The factors that have contributed to Lozza's success over the years include the following: the pioneering use of celluloid, a cutting-edge plastic material derived from cellulose; the timeless design of the brand's eyewear; the use of machinery designed to reduce work-related accidents to an absolute minimum; an ante litteram circular economy-inspired idea involving the re-use of production scrap to make other objects, such as buttons.

An exemplary success recognised over the years with international awards and honours of merit for the work carried out and the entrepreneurial example diffused all over the world, culminating today with Lozza being added to the Register of Historic Italian Brands.

Established by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development (MISE), the Register is a project designed to safeguard the property of historic Italian companies and national excellence. A tool for the enhancement of Made-in-Italy manufacturing, characterised by values such as innovation, sustainability and international competitiveness. As of today, De Rigo is the only Italian company in the eyewear industry to have obtained such recognition for one of its brands.

"We are so very pleased that Lozza has been recognised in this way. It is a brand that - with pride and great respect - we made a part of De Rigo almost 40 years agoLozza has always represented a point of pride and reference for the entire Italian eyewear sector. Acquiring this brand - and all of its rich history - certainly represented an important milestone that has contributed to the growth of our company. We feel a profound responsibility towards Lozza and being recognised as a ‘historic Italian brand’ makes us even more proud today to take it forward into the future”, commented Barbara De Rigo - Chief Marketing Officer.