Furla Eyewear lands at Parea Mare of Santa Margherita Ligure

Destination Riviera di Levante. Far from urban life, in search of an oasis of light-heartedness, where body, mind, and the eyes are in a state of peace and balance. Furla Eyewear arrives at the Parea Mare in Santa Margherita Ligure with its latest collection of sunglasses crafted by the De Rigo Group.
Liguria is the set of the first "signed" Furla Eyewear bistro, where the brand's lifestyle finds space among the seaside settings of Tigullio. Sunglasses, with a vintage and sophisticated style, inspire the temporary coverings of the bistro's furnishings; striped motifs act as a backdrop to the graphic main silhouette of Furla’s summer campaign, bringing back the seventies imagery.

The exclusive pattern customizes the seats and cushions but also the mise en place and the uniform of the staff, giving the Parea Mare a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere.

With this unprecedented takeover, Furla Eyewear invites you to discover the atmosphere of the Italian summer.



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