Female determination and women as the beating heart of Yalea Eyewear

Yalea: ‘It is a brand that goes beyond fashion,’ as Barbara De Rigo, CMO of the De Rigo Group and the brand, explains in this interview with Elle. ‘Its aim is to make women feel good, as well as elegant and spontaneous. This means inspiring strength and confidence, highlighting the beauty of every woman, combining aesthetic and ethical values that every woman can identify with.’

Yalea supports Women For Women International, a humanitarian organisation that has been helping women in conflict-affected countries rebuild their lives since 1993. We decided to partner with this organisation in 2022, first in Nigeria and now in Afghanistan, countries where social and economic inequalities are exacerbated by discriminatory laws against women, which limit their access to rights and opportunities. The aim is to actively contribute to improving the plight of women through the Stronger Women, Stronger Nations programme, to support them in developing skills, knowledge and resources so that they can shape their own destiny and achieve long-term security and self-sufficiency.

On each Yalea pair of glasses, the name of a woman is a well-known icon, from the model and actress Marion Morel, to the mathematician Mileva Maric, to the Portuguese poet Florbela Espanca. 

The Yalea collections are enriched with a special touch. Each model bears the name of a woman who, in different countries and fields, has distinguished herself in a special way. A tribute to women of different origins, cultures, ages and periods, not necessarily famous, but who, in different countries and fields, have distinguished themselves through their life choices, their commitment and their achievements. This message is also echoed in our latest campaign The Portrait of Dreams - A Journey to Real Beauty, a courageous and unconventional project which, in line with the brand's philosophy, gives voice to the real stories and dreams of 43 unique women from all over the world as a true example of female emancipation.

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