Trussardi, founded in Bergamo in 1911, is a world-renowned lifestyle company that represents excellence, elegance and continuous innovation in fashion, food and design. The Group, besides offering clothing and accessory collections, was among the first top fashion brands to explore the food sector, with its Café Trussardi and the award winning “Il Ristorante - Trussardi alla Scala” restaurant.

Trussardi’s début in the eyewear department is just as sensational. Under the creative direction of Gaia Trussardi, typical Italian taste is revived in unique fashion with a sophisticated and elegant combination of shapes and colours for a line of glasses that are both strong and highly recognisable. The collection reveals a painstaking study of volume and design, which, through the skilful use of exclusive hues and patterns, accurately represents the Trussardi brand’s
style and identity.


Sun Collection 2018

Exclusiveness, glam spirit, elegance: while the Sun 2018 collection continues to represent classic Trussardi values, the new eyewear styles offer a glimpse of the forms and fashions of the future. Trussardi's new eyewear collection combines classic lines with irregular shapes and neutral hues with exclusive acetate textures, using noble materials such as aluminium and carbon. 


Optical Collection 2017

Style and a return to the roots of the Greyhound brand, reinterpreted with a contemporary twist: these are the values that stand out in the new collection of Trussardi eyewear. Styles that look to the future, but still closely in line with the brand DNA and deeply connected with its world of accessories. Exclusive acetates - such as the iconic Cocchino and special bondings - combine with bright, lightweight metals;the greyhound detail - symbol of elegance, an important history and Italian quality - enhance and customise certain styles.  

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