Lozza Sartoriale

Lozza, a success story that began back in 1878 and is today preserved and perpetuated with success by De Rigo that presents Lozza Sartoriale. This exclusive project was born from a desire to create  unique, elegant products capable of upholding the key values of the brand: Italian style, craftsmanship, attention to detail and innovation. 

Lozza Sartoriale

The Lozza Sartoriale project experience begins with 18 initial base frame choices, 10 in acetate, 6 in metal and 2 combined, which can be personalised in a wide range of combinations of shapes, colours, materials and sizes. 

The various components will be contained in a specially designed kit, supplied to the optician together with an interactive product configurator, allowing him to accompany customers every step of the way as they create their ideal frame.

Consumers will complete three main stages during the new creative experience offered by Lozza. They begin by choosing the model and colours of the frame. Then, if desired, they customise their choice with details and engravings. Finally, the process ends with the crucial “tailoring” phase which involves the frame being “made to measure” for the perfect individual fitting. 

With its tailor-made project, Lozza aims to create an infinite range of unique glasses designed by the customer. Moreover, the finished products will be even more specially unique thanks to the “100% tailor-made” certificate of guarantee that accompanies each frame, and the special frame case provided, which can be fully customised with the wearer’s name or initials.

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