That story began in Madrid in 1846, marking Loewe as one of the oldest purveyors of luxury goods in the world. While Spanish leather had been prized by the crowned heads of Europe since the 8th century, it was in the
middle of the 19th century that Enrique Loewe Roessberg founded the company that bears his name.

For Spaniards, luxury is Loewe, whether we are talking about heirlooms passed through generations; such as the iconic Amazona bag, its name signifying female strength, or of leather and suede clothing which gets
better the more it is worn. For men, Loewe spells leather jackets, attaché cases,small leather goods.Spain is internationally renowned for the quality of its lambskin and the best of the best comes to Loewe. Loewe's napa has an unrivalled softness, suppleness and sheen. Then there are the artisans, their craftsmanship transmitted through the generations. There are few in the world who can make leather and suede clothing to rival Loewe.

Today, this is a global brand, part of the world´s leading luxury group LVMH. The seductive touch of leather of unrivalled sheen, is now infused with modern glamour thanks to Stuart Vevers, the creative director who has
brought his plugged-in fashion vibe to designs that are absolutely of their time and yet informed by heritage and craftsmanship.

Loewe - where one touch tells the story.


Sun Collection 2017

Loewe’s sophisticated spirit takes center stage in the design of the 2017 Optical collection, which stands out for the strong personality of its frames and for its innovative and experimental finishes and technical details. Light frames accentuate the eyewear’s clean design. Vintage shapes are redefined in a modern key and are enhanced by meticulous details and first-rate quality. Exclusive acetate gives an added touch of sophistication. A wide-ranging palette of neutral and tortoise shell hues are set against vibrant, block color acetates, reflecting a modern spirit inspired by Loewe’s fashion and accessories collections.


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