Boots Opticians

Boots Opticians

The "new" Boots Opticians, one of the leaders in the UK market, with more than 630 stores and over 5.000 employees, is one of the largest optical chains in Europe.

Founded in 1983, Boots Opticians opened its first Optical Services practice in Nottingham. In 1984, it opened other 5 stores in Peterborough, Leeds, Mansfield, Luton and Derby.

In the following two decades, the company launched an expansion policy that led to its network of 286 stores uniformly distributed in the UK, offering a wide range of services, including eye tests, digital retinal photography, glasses, contact lenses and accessories.

In May 2009, Boots Opticians (founded as an optical retail division of the historic English group Boots, a member of the Alliance Boots group) was merged with Dollond & Aitchison (founded in 1750 and owned by the De Rigo Group until 2009), the oldest optical chain in the world with its 250 years of experience in the field. The synergy between the two companies, their sharing a long tradition and an excellent reputation for quality services, are the key points that allow the new Boots Optician to offer its customers the best value for money and customer care standards.

Boots Opticians is controlled by Alliance Boots, which holds a 58% share, while De Rigo holds a 42% share.