De Rigo is officially one of the "100 Eccellenze Italiane” (100 examples of Italian Excellence)

Know-how, care for every detail, passion and precision with which we have built our distribution network: thanks to all this, since December 1, 2016, we are one of the "100 examples of Italian Excellence". An award from the Riccardo Dell'Anna Editore Publishing House in the publication that celebrates the value of “italianity” in all its forms, along with particularly worthy personalities and successful entrepreneurial stories.

Being one of the "100 examples of Italian Excellence" confirms the international success of the Group which, over the years, has managed to combine tradition and innovation, creativity and high quality. Barbara De Rigo, House Brands Marketing Director: "We are really happy and proud to have attained this important award that celebrates Italian style in the world. It is an achievement that reaffirms the leading role of the Group in the field of eyewear retail globally".

The prize award ceremony of the "100 examples of Italian Excellence" was held in the prestigious setting of Palazzo Montecitorio, to emphasise the value of the publication and the award.

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