New year, new trends. Interview with Enrico Furlan, House Brand CD

Although we are in the middle of winter, the world of fashion is already talking about the next spring/summer. So let’s get ready for the new season. Enrico Furlan, De Rigo House Brands Creative Director, tells us about the Spring/Summer 2017 trends. Let’s find them out together to satisfy even the most demanding customers looking for the state-of-the-art eyewear trends.

What are the eyewear trends for the S/S 2017 season?
The trends are very clear: we will see a predominance of soft shapes reminiscent of the '70s, as the Aviator and the rounded shapes, along with butterfly lines for the most feminine models. The diving masks are back, renovated by curve shapes and very flat lenses. As regards materials, we will surely find customised acetates that make each pair of glasses unique and inimitable. Focus will be given to techniques that combine traditional materials, such as metal, and plastic inserts that help create rubberised and sculptural details. The result is gorgeous with very special effects. Flat surfaces will simulate 3D thanks to the smart use of milling and combinations of colours.

Among all the trends that we will see in the S/S 2017, which ones will be followed by De Rigo house brands? Can we match a tendency to each?
The 3 De Rigo house brands have different personalities and are aimed at complementary target consumers even when it comes to "style". For this reason, all the S/S 2017 trends have been interpreted in accordance with their character. We can start from Police, a brand which is strong, young and - in some cases- even rebellious. For this S/S 2017 season, we deal with the Jungle theme for men and women collections, with camouflage effects, flowers and mirrored lenses used in unusual ways, for example as eyewear structure or as sunglasses. Thanks to many testimonials of the past and present, sports have always been central to the Police world. And again this year, we find a reference in contemporary usage of rubber materials or effects, to get a feeling of a modern product that is comfortable to wear as well.

Lozza represents the history of eyewear and this is the reason why their legacy is reinterpreted from a modern point of view in every collection. Vintage and Essenza del Valore are the pivots on which all the proposals of the next S/S 2017 season revolve: high-quality technical solutions, handed down from the past, combine with more than modern style. Pantos shapes, patented hinges, exclusive and refined acetates are combined with flat solar lenses with internal anti-reflective coating and polarised lenses with hardening treatment.

Sting is the youngest, unisex, cool, fast fashion brand in the Group. Colour is in its DNA. We will find, therefore, interpretations of the Jungle Trend theme consistent with its nature both in the adult and teen collections: shapes and patterns inspired by butterflies and lines, enhanced by the smart use of custom textures and acetates. The solar flat lenses with internal anti-reflective coating are the heart of the masks family, designed to allow their transformation into prescription sunglasses, thanks to a simple – and innovative - trick.

What cannot be missing in opticians shops during the next S/S season?
Frames made of light and thin materials. No doubt. And combinations of different materials, such as acetate and metal. And we should not forget flat sunglasses and masks.

Just a final question: among all models, which one is the must-have for next spring?
Surely, the celluloid-metal combined sunglasses. You can choose from the gritty Police version, the refined Lozza or the colourful Sting version.

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